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What a fantastic experience it was to have a solo show! I got the opportunity to be the featured artist for black history month at Evergreen Valley College. I literally had my name on the wall. The weather was perfect. I was surrounded by family, new and old friends. Family and friends that showed their support in so many ways. Not only showing support, but they also helped out and made the day run that much smoother. My friend Rasheda tried her hand as a photographer and took these pictures of the event. I felt the presence of my South African friend Nonku who provided me with an Ankara skirt from her online boutique, AfroKulcha. I felt beautiful. Everything just came together so well. I wasn't expecting all the support and interest in my work that I received. It feels good to be acknowledged. Who would have thought that last year when my cousin told me about this opportunity that it would turn out to be such a great opportunity. Sometimes people see the beauty that you can't or are too humble to admit seeing in yourself. None the less, I will always be thankful for her and that I got this opportunity.

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